Dr. House

Há séries que nos marcam e o Dr. House é uma delas.
O humor desta série é fantástico (pelo menos é o que eu acho) e deixo-vos aqui algumas pérolas:

Dr. Cameron: Men should grow up.
Dr. Gregory House: Yeah. And dogs should stop licking themselves. It's not gonna happen.
Dr. Robert Chase: You two are just too nasty to each other not to have been... nasty.
Dr. Gregory House: Hey, I can be a jerk to people I haven't slept with. I am that good.
Dr. Cameron: Twelve-year-olds don't have sex.
Dr. Gregory House: Their mistake.
Dr. Robert Chase: How'd you like it if I interfered in your personal life?
Dr. Gregory House: I'd hate it. That's why, cleverly, I have no personal life.

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